About Us

 A Handmade Boutique with a Big Heart

Conspire: Contemporary Craft is a fun, interactive, handmade boutique and crystal shop on the historic square at 14 E. Washington in Greencastle, Indiana. We specialize in high quality modern handmade products, including jewelry, housewares, prints, paper goods, clothing, accessories and pottery by more than 130 local and regional artists, along with certified fair trade products that support artists from around the world. Conspire also offers a selection of crystals, witchy stuff, succulents, tarot and oracle decks, candles, incense, ritual objects, books, cbd seltzer and gummies produces by makers and growers in our area and beyond.


Conspire also includes a community center and artspace where kids can craft and play, teenagers can hang out or play games, and adults can gather, meet, and organize. Check out our Art Bar where anyone can use donated craft and art supplies to create their next masterpiece, or just talk and doodle. Workshops and events are happening every month.


The Conspire Team

J.D. Grove, owner. Conspire: COntemporary Craft

J.D. Grove 


Owner/operator of Conspire and Granola Girl Skincare.

J.D. is a mama, a boss, and a passionate social justice activist. They are the owner of Conspire and Granola Girl Apothecary. J.D. also runs the Conspire Community Center and works to provide mutual aid in Greencastle.

Maggie Rozen, manager, Conspire: Contemporary Craft
Maggie Rozen
Overseeing Manager @ Conspire Indiana and Granola Girl Skincare
Maggie is also a local bad ass, and biology freak. Maggie is our resident Trash Witch and makes sure that our practices are sustainable, right down to weaving plastic packaging into reusable bags.


Fiona White


Master Soap and Skincare Artisan

Fiona is the artisan who makes many of the products at Granola Girl. They are also an accomplished potter and maker of things. You can find their work at @ByFionawithFire. 


Ella, artisan maker and herbalist.

Ella Dye Thomas


Shop Assistant and Herbalist.

Ella is a talented plant person and visual artist, with an interest in midwifery and a life long love and practice in herbalism. Ella was instrumental in creating our herbal tea blends, and curates our herbs. They also are an artisan maker of many Granola Girl products. Ella is part of the art collective @usfolks.

Dance-a-lot and Reda
Shop Cats
These sister cats live at Conspire and make our lives more meaningful.